Elbowroom is a WI publication that seeks to create space for the critical voices and unique perspectives of people whose voices aren’t typically heard elsewhere. Elbowroom is a publication for marginalized and underrepresented voices to share our lived experiences and navigate our complex truths.

Elbowroom is a publication for those of us who have ever sat at a crowded table and felt we didn’t have enough space. Or enough room to breathe. Or think. Or exist. This one is for us.


1a : room for moving the elbows freely

b : adequate space for work or operation; “got enough elbowroom?”

2: free scope; elbow room to try new ideas

Elbowroom is committed to diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. Everyone is welcome to find space at Elbowroom, regardless of how you may identify along the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, class, or ability. Allies are welcome.



Allison Grace O’Donnell is a sophmore studying Studio Art, Psychology, and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at American University. She is most passionate about the intersection between art and social justice. When she is not in the studio creating, Allison can be found at a concert, doing yoga, or protesting social inequalities. As one of the editors of Elbowroom, Allison is tremendously excited to fuse her passions for feminism and creativity within this publication.

Cristina Gee is a junior studying Political Science with minors in Communications and Spanish. On campus, she is a barista at the Davenport Coffee Lounge, and a former coordinator at the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. She is passionate about discussing the intersections of race, gender, class, ability, and sexuality. In her spare time, she reads pop culture thinkpieces on Twitter, and goes out to brunch in the DC area.


Katie Cogan (she/ her/ hers), a senior, and serves as an Elbowroom Staff Writer. Katie is majoring in public health and is a pre-medical student. In her studies, she concentrates on health disparities and climate justice. Katie is passionate about sexual violence prevention and response. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Katie enjoys coffee, art museums, and traveling. 


Aaliyah Charania uses she/her/hers pronouns and will be serving as AUSG Womens Initiative's Elbowroom Staff Artist. This will be her second year, studying CLEG in the Politics, Policy and Law Program. She is a member of the Model UN team, a DC Reads tutor, and on the Student Advisory Council in PCDI.  Like Hasan Minhaj, her parents are from India and she is Muslim (the combination is possible). You can usually find her painting landscapes on the quad or dancing wherever you may hear loud music on campus. She tries her best to look for lowkey art scenes in DC whether that be visual or performing. If you ever want to sit down and talk - she can make some Indian chai (please never say "chai tea" because chai is just tea in Hindi, so you're just saying "tea tea"). She is excited to be a part of WI this year and looks forward to all the opportunities it will bring to AU.  

Elbowroom is brought to you by AUSG Women’s Initiative. This site was sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of AUSG.