kavanaugh protests

On October 6th, 2018, the Senate voted 50-48 to confirm Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. During the confirmation hearings, protests erupted outside the Supreme Court and Capitol Hill. The following images were taken during these protests, to document the raw emotion and outrage following the confirmation of an abuser to the highest court in the country.

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Sami Pye is a first year student studying Film and Media Arts. She is passionate about visual storytelling through photojournalism and music photography.

Zack Miller is a freelance photographer from Chicago who has worked with the Chicago Bears and political campaigns.

Judith Kirkikis is a freshman at AU studying Film/ Media Arts. Photojournalism has always been a passion of mine, beginning when I documented the NYC Gay Pride Parade and NYC Women's Marches for my first times. Recently, I took pictures of protesters at the Kavanaugh protests on Capitol Hill and posted them to my Instagram in hopes of bringing attention to the story.