this body goes through a lot

by mary jane builes

This body goes through a lot

The homeostasis maintaining an extreme temperature of hot and cold

Climbing the highest peaks I can before I fail

Walking for miles with excitement

Staying straight and tall when the time calls for fear

Oh my body does that. She does it all, this graceless and remarkable vessel of love and the

movement in life.

Every step I take is just another towards death and each step contains a new perspective in the

contractions of breath.

My body thrives from warmth and soft touches

You know who I am when you look at me from behind.

My profile is straight and tall in aura, the height cannot shame my confidence below it.

My body can handle what comes her way and deserves the best kindest I can afford her.

The small part containing my soul can never be reached until an invisible veil passes through me.

But my body will live on this present plane as a reminder to show the invincibility of my body.

Yes, she wasn’t perfect.

The allergies to every tree and cats and dust made her itchy

The strain of life carried to her colonoscopies.

Society made it so to believe she did not fit eurocentric beauty.

But this body was hers and it did what she needed for it to do.


Coming from a background of resilience, Mary Jane gathers her strength from the women around her and the knowledge that she is here for a better tomorrow.