ausg wi statement on dr. ford’s testimony

women’s initiative staff

“In developed societies like the US people love to pride ourselves on forwards thinking and up to speed we are on equality and justice, compared to the rest of the world. I get really uncomfortable with this logic, because we have literally been electing and appointing rapists and abusers to legislative positions of power since the founding of our nation. Kavanaugh is just another example one of these abusers who now has the power to wield more anti-feminist political influence, and it's disgusting but unsurprising.” — Claudia Steiner, WI production coordinator

“Sexual assault isn’t a partisan issue, it’s everyone’s issue.” — Noor Shater, WI responsive programming coordinator

“None of the victim-blaming rhetoric around the Kavanaugh confirmation was particularly new. Seeing the hearing, public opposition, and confirmation reflected the ways in which our ‘justice’ system reinforces inequalities.” — Anonymous

AUSG Women’s Initiative seeks to create spaces of healing and support for survivors through responsive programming. Recently, WI released a statement in support of Dr. Ford and all survivors. We held a safe space in our office, particularly in light of our campus climate and the overarching national climate. There is a notion that safe spaces are invalid or an attack on freedom of speech. In fact, safe spaces are an expression of freedom of speech and the right to assemble. Gathering together in a space where people feel comfortable sharing their experiences with one another is crucial to protecting the expression of individuals who are often silenced. In our culture, survivors are often blamed and silenced. Safe spaces provide a vital opportunity for survivors to organize and support one another.

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