Breaking Ground Monologues

A note from the Breaking Ground Monologues directors, María Gramajo and Sarah Duval:

To us, the Breaking Ground Monologues is a unique space to discuss identity, experience, and resistance. It is an outlet for creative expression where people can embrace their individuality. Whether you’re a part of the Breaking Ground cast or a member of the audience, the Breaking Ground Monologues is an intimate encounter.


“Breaking Ground is a collaborative artistic space that has allowed me to explore creativity, art and identity with a group of powerful individuals...It is about building community, joy and storytelling.”

-Lilianna Betancourt-Ascencio


“BGM is a space with such differing and complex identities that all mesh together to create a powerful dynamic & connection...this show encourages diverse identities and forms of expression that have allowed me to further internalize my identity and other perspectives as well.” - Chris Na


Get involved in the Breaking Ground Monologues!

  • October 3rd: Visual art submissions for the Breaking Ground gallery open!

Art submissions can include any non-performance based medium, including but not limited to writing, poetry, sculpture, painting, zines or digital design. Submissions are not limited to the AU community.


Sarah is a sophomore majoring in CLEG and Spanish Studies. Originally from South Florida, Sarah loves the sun, art, and music. In her spare time she enjoys reading and spending time with friends

Maria (she/her) is a third year from the Bay Area pursuing a BA in American Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from the College of Arts and Sciences as well as a Sustainability Studies minor from the Kogod School of Business. She enjoys going to museums and concerts, making zines in her room, and having dinner with her friends on the quad.