Mama, Safe Space, & Let the circle be unbroken

poems by Bisagna (Bisah Suh)



She told me never ask for more than what you need.

She told me when it’s hard get down on your knees. 

She said God will provide and it’ll be alright.

and even when I cried at night thinking ‘bout the things I couldn’t make right. 

She told me close my eyes positivity is how we will survive. 

She told me never lose sight of your dreams “if you believe then you’ll always find the means 

And in the darkest times the sun will guide us to the light” 

Safe Space 

You are my safe space

My shelter from the storm

You’re my religion 

With you I am reborn 

And even when the darkness comes 

With you I’ll hide 

With you I’ll run 

And even when the skies are falling down 

You and I

Will fly against the sun. 

Let the circle be unbroken 

Let the circle be unbroken 

Memories of dancing through daisies.

Licks of sweet peach juice dribbling down your fingertips. 

Sticky June nights running after fireflies.

Specs of gold and hazel dancing through your eyes.

Let the circle be unbroken 

Sweat gleaming down your brow as you enter my temple. 

Soft kisses moving up and down my thighs.

Sighs of pleasure released from your lips late at night.

Let the circle me unbroken 

Now daggers strike from lips that once said 

“I love you”.

Bright beams of gold rotting to black and blue.

The sun has faded.

The butterflies have flown away.

The birds have lost their voice.

There is nothing left in this house.

Let the circle be unbroken.

Let the circle be unbroken. 

Bisagna is a senior at American University. She is a singer songwriter and also serves as the Director of the Student Union Board.